Getting Ready for Some Rail Data

We are going to have some rail data collected here soon and I’ll post the results as soon as I get them.  We’ll be collecting a 17-mile section of track in the DC area, so it will be full of urban canyons, tunnels and highway overpasses.  At least we’ll know how well the equipment will be performing in the field because this will be a true field test of the equipment.

We just finished getting e-Rail certified to work with the railroad, so now it is time to provide some value to this market.  They are looking to collect features that will support Positive Train Control as well as giving them engineering-grade information that can be used for maintenance & rehabilitation efforts.

Rail Intensity

Our goal will be to collect all of this information in one pass and give them tools to automate the extraction of other features such as the rail, ballast, gauge, etc.  Data collection will happen next week and we’ll have some results to share at that point.

Rail LiDAR with Elevation

Rail Data Themed by Elevation

Rail Data with Intensity