My Background

I’m originally from Rochester, NY and started working out of college as a Biologist for the Reedy Creek Improvement District in Orlando, FL. My work with Asset Management, Water Quality Sampling and NPDES permitting support led me to employ the use of GIS and GPS technology for the creation of maps and databases. After 5 years working in the government sector, I took the plunge to and took a position in the private sector in 2001 by joining the value-added services division of Space Imaging. I managed the Florida office until 2004 when I co-founded DTS with my long-time business partner Allen Ibaugh.

During this phase of my career, I managed multiple Asset Management projects for Counties and Cities throughout the US. This experience earned me spots on Asset Management committees, client advisory boards as well as many speaking appearances at National conferences. I have had the privilege to author a URISA-certified course on Asset Management and travel to teach classes at many different conferences and seminars throughout the US. My experience from teaching these classes and seminars gives me the ability to teach and apply Best Management Practices to projects and clients throughout this industry.

In June of 2009, DTS started another subsidiary company, Earth Eye, focusing on Airborne and Mobile LiDAR.  I took the position of CEO in Earth Eye, closely working with my DTS staff and a new staff of talented LiDAR and Imagery processors.

Thank you for taking some time to read my blog and feel free to comment and get in touch!


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