More Mobile Data

We’ve wrung out the calibration issues with our mobile LiDAR and we have a solid solution that we can hang our hat on. We have achieved RTK-equivalent accuracies for short runs of less than 5 miles and today, we’re heading out to see how well the accuracies hold up for a 30-mile run.

No worries about having this ready for prime time today – most projects we’re dealing with are only 3-5 miles right now. Our goal is to figure out the best way to keep the GPS solution in check for long runs to avoid post-processing and calibration issues on the back-end of the collect. Since most of the required measurements are “relative”, the LiDAR data is good, but we are striving to crack the “absolute” accuracy nut – and that involves a solid calibration of the equipment. We’ve always known this, but actually “doing” that is a different story!

This is a 5-mile run that we collected here locally. The data has been filtered to a bare pavement surface and we have run cross-sections every 5 feet. Each cross-section can be exported to CAD, GIS, Microstation, etc and used to build pavement resurfacing design drawings.

Cross-Slope Calculation for a Section of Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL

We have been able to make the processing of this data “semi-automated”.  Basically, we have to draw in the breaklines which typically correspond to the pavement stripes.  These define the lanes of travel and then we do a slope calculation (relative measurement) from one breakline to another – effectively calculating the cross-slope percentage for each lane.  We’re also exporting out a tabular format so clients can use that information to verify the values against a pavement design spec.

Slope 1 refers to the left lane (southbound) and Slope 2 refers to the right lane of travel (northbound) and all slopes are percentages.


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