Pavement Management for Cities/Counties

I just spent a great week in Klamath Falls, OR training their staff on pavement management techniques with our Engineer, Will Cook.  We deployed an asset management solution for their Pavement, Curb & Gutter, and Sign infrastructure.  We were able to determine the amount of funding necessary to keep their pavement network at steady-state and how fast it is deteriorating at their current funding levels.

Believe it or not, most agencies have no idea what they own, what it is worth, and how much funding they really need to maintain it at a specific level-of-service.


It all begins with a Network-Level inventory of everything which gives us an idea of what they own.

Condition Assessment

Then, we need to know what its condition is.  We use this data to help prioritize assets for repair and rehabilitation.


Once the prioritization is complete, we apply budgeting scenarios to determine what gets fixed and when.  This leads into Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) development which evolves into an agency’s work program.

This discussion makes it all sounds easy, but at this point, it is imperative to have the local subject-matter-experts make real-world decisions on what to really do.  We’ll never rely completely on computer modeling to make these decisions, but they do help with a lot of the heavy lifting involved with managing large asset networks.

I will be posting a few articles next week detailing this process with some case studies of clients who I have worked with in the past…Stay tuned!


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